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For this project I wanted to be able to share my favorite personal images I have done over the past 5 years. I will also showcase a few favorite images from professional work created for books, etc.

This book will be a way to share some of the stories that go with the images. The idea came about because I show the art at shows and galleries, people always ask about the story. This begins a dialog about the reasons that a particular image was made and I love this shared experience. It gives the work meaning and opens up a whole new dimension to the narrative.

In addition to the stories, I wanted to be able to show some of the process images that goes into making the work. Sketches, color studies, etc. are all an integral part of making art. It shows that the final image is the result of a process that many people never see. As a teacher, I'm always very interested in process and how it shapes the work.

The production of this book is also an avenue that will allow me to give back to the community. I have a goal of giving 10% of the proceeds of this book to a few different children's literacy and reading programs.

Finally, the production and sale of this book will be the first of many books that I will be producing. I have been writing stories for the past 10 years and will hopefully be launching them soon. 

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