Original Paintings and Prints
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I'm often asked about what kind of supplies I use. The art store can be so confusing and ordering online is even worse. There are so many options to choose from. The stuff you see below is all tested by doing a LOT of paintings and I know it works. I've listed a little info about each product which can hopefully help you out when you are trying to figure out what to buy. : )

Painting supplies.jpg


I love Arches Paper and have used it for years. I prefer the bight white variety because it makes color pop really well. It's a great all around paper and will work for most techniques. It handles mixed media really well. The link here is for the 190 lb. paper which will need to be stretched if you are really using a lot of water or heavy washes. I highly recommend this paper if you are starting out in watercolor


My palette is fairly small compared to other painters. Many times I will only use 3 or 4 colors max in a painting. This is the basic set that I highly recommend. You can make almost any color with them. I prefer M. Graham paints. They are affordable and very high quality. You don't find that combination too often with art supplies. They are easy to re-wet so you don't have to keep putting out new paint every time.

Here's a litttle about these colors:

  • Quinacridone Nickel: Beautiful warm transparent yellow that is a wonderful mixing color or used by itself. Great for glazing too.
  • Yellow Ochre: Opaque muted earth tone that is a workhorse of a paint for me. I use it a lot!
  • Burnt Sienna: This is a great color for mixing as it neutralizes many mixtures so your paintings don't get too saturated. I use burnt sienna combined with Ultramarine blue for most of my grey tones.
  • Permanent Alizarin Crimson: Cool red that mixes beautifully. Great for glazing and almost any application. Combined with Nickel Quinacridone will make a very saturated red similar to cadmium red. Regular Alizarin Crimson will fade so it's important to get the permanent version.
  • Ultramarine Blue: Warm blue that mixes well and leaves beautiful textures to washes
  • Cobalt Blue: Weak blue that is wonderful for subtle skies. Great glazing color too!
  • Indigo Blue: Very dark blue that I use to get really dark darks. Great for stormy skies
  • Permanent Rose: Weak transparent red that is great for glazing and subtle tones.


I only use a few brushes and these are the ones that I think are essential


More products coming soon...